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Sound equipment
DSLR Camera
TV Screens

Music Mix & Mastering Basics 101

3 Month Course

Month 1

Unit I: Introduction

Unit II: Back to Basics

Unit III: Technique

Month 2

Unit IV: Application

Unit V: Practice Makes Perfect

Unit VI: Summary

Month 3

Unit VII: Tips and Tricks

Unit VIII: Final Exam

Unit VIIII: Concluding Remarks

Photography & Lighting Basics 102

3 Month Course

Your Introductory to the world of photography begins here. By becoming familiar with different types of equipment from Cameras, to Film, Lenses, and Styles. Along with learning to use Shade as a tool and developing your keen eye for what life looks like through a lens.

Broadcasting & Hosting Basics 103

4 Month Course

Consider targeting in this way and think about the time of day that people are likely to be watching TV as well – and of course the types of shows they’re likely to watch. If you have a website that sells comics then consider placing your ad between episodes of a kids’ cartoon – this just makes sense! And of course, you also need to ensure that your content is well targeted in terms of the precise channel. In some cases, YouTube makes more sense!